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Unfinished Flooring

Unfinished flooring refers to flooring that requires “on-site” sanding and finishing after installation.  This comes is a wide varity of wood types.  The species range from domestic (i.e. red & white oak, walnut, maple, cherry, pine, etc.) and exotic (i.e. Ipe, cherry, jatoba, etc.).  The widths range from 1-1/2″ to 7″ and up.  General rule of thumb is the wider the board the more costly it will be.

Unfinished Flooring

A typical unfinished floor is an oak floor; either red or white oak.  After the installation the floor is sanded and finished.  The floor can be left natural or stained to a color the customer chooses.  This floor can be resanded and the color changed as many times as requested.  Thus making your unfinished floor a lifetime investment!

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