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Since 1996

Ogle’s Hardwood Flooring is a family run business started in 1996 and since then we have focused on one thing – hardwood floors.  Techniques and trends have changed over the last 20 plus years and during these changes we have as well.  One thing that will not changed is our commitment to quality.  We strive to stay current on the latest finishes, products, & equipment.  All of our staff, including the ladies in the office, attend classes like the Bona Certified Craftsman School.  We are the areas most professional wood flooring company.

Ogles Hardwood Flooring

L to R   Carrie Moss , Mike Ogle , Laurin Ogle

Message From The President

Why choose Ogle’s?  I have always said, “I can teach anyone to do hardwood floors.”  While many have been able to prove me wrong about that statement, those who have remained are the best of the best.  We don’t do jobs to “get them done.”  We do them correctly.  We’re not perfect but we will answer the phone if you have a question or problem.  Our customer service is second to none.  Give the ladies in our office a call and let us prove it to you.  – Mike

Our Team

Michael Ogle, President

I’ve been involved in construction, in some fashion or another, almost my entire life.  I began working for my brothers when I was in high school pouring concrete, laying brick, framing, etc.  Right after high school I joined the Army right.  I served three years in the 82nd Airborne Division.  Then I went right back to general construction.  The past 20+ years have been focused strictly on hardwood flooring and all my previous experiences have proven to be very useful.  Can’t wait to see what the next 20 years has in store.

Carrie Moss, Project Manager

I have been working at Ogle’s Hardwood Flooring since 2007.  I enjoy working with homeowners assisting them from the start of their flooring project to the end.  My mission is to give superb customer service & guidance through each step of the process.

Laurin Ogle, Office Manager

I started working at Ogle’s Hardwood Flooring in high school helping out after school by answering the phone & trying to decipher Mike’s “chicken scratch” handwriting.  I used my organization skills & started helping out any way I could.  Now, many years later, I work full time doing almost the same things plus more!  In our office I assist our contractors with their many projects.  I love working with a close-knit group of family & lifelong friends.  Our dynamic makes for an enjoyable place to work every day.

Community Involvement